2 Harcourt Buildings



2 Harcourt Buildings is a member of the Bar Council's centralised pupillage application scheme (Pupillage Gateway). Chambers takes the recruitment of its pupils very seriously and is confident that any working pupils will meet the high standards expected by Chambers and by our clients. We aim to recruit and train pupils in accordance with the requirements of the Bar Standards Board Pupillage Handbook and our Equal Opportunities policy. As part of our responsibility towards their training, we actively monitor their progress and seek feedback from instructing solicitors.

We offer two twelve month pupillages split into six month periods under different pupil supervisors. Effort is taken to ensure that the pupil has contact with, and the opportunity to work for, tenants of all levels of seniority within Chambers.

During the second six months, pupils conduct a substantial amount of their own work, including Western Circuit work, for which travel expenses are paid. During this period, pupils are expected to keep records of work done so that we can fully and fairly assess an application for tenancy. Junior tenants are almost always selected from amongst Chambers' pupils.

Funding of £18,000 grant and guaranteed earnings is available to a successful applicant. A proportion may be payable during Bar School year subject to appropriate circumstances.

For specific enquiries relating to pupillage, please contact Jane Osborne or Vicky Beasley.

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