Member of Chambers Profile

Sally Halkerston

Year of Call: 1994



Sally has been a member of chambers for 18 years and has extensive experience in all areas of criminal law, both prosecuting and defending. Her thorough nature and determination always maximise the opportunities for success, whichever side she is representing.  


Serious and Organised Crime
Usually Sally is instructed to prosecute cases involving organised and serious crime that have been investigated by different divisions of the Specialist Crime Directorate (“SCD”) at New Scotland Yard. Historically, Sally was instructed as a led Junior in homicide cases and cases involving large-scale drugs and money-laundering conspiracies, firearms and armed robberies. She now prosecutes similar such cases alone or with a Junior.

Her expertise extends to areas such as covert investigations, material obtained pursuant to the provisions of RIPA, complex disclosure and PII issues, the handling and presentation of expert evidence, substantial confiscation hearings and evidence from overseas. A number of her cases have involved security issues which called for jury protection, armed police, change of venue and/or witness anonymity. She is experienced at prosecuting gang-related crime.

Sally’s BA (Hons) degree in Accounting and Law and attention to detail enable Sally to be a very effective advocate in cases involving large-scale and/or complicated fraud and money-laundering offences. She has a solid understanding of banking procedures, mutual assistance and asset restraint and confiscation.

Training/Continuing Professional Development
Sally has presented training seminars to CPS Higher Courts Advocates on “How to Be an Effective Junior”.

Sally is an accredited pupil supervisor.

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| Western Circuit
| Central London Bar Mess | Central Criminal Court Bar Mess | Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers


Prosecuting Alone:
R. v. Samson & Others: Four-handed Operation Trident case involving joint possession of a loaded Zastava handgun with intent to endanger life.
R. v. Samba, Central Criminal Court: Attempted Murder, by stabbing.
R. v. Harrison & Others: Four-handed Cash-in-Transit robbery.
R. v. Ogodo & Others: 
Five-handed Operation Trident case involving the possession and supply of a Mac 10 sub-machine gun, together with 17 rounds of suitable ammunition, with intent to endanger life.
R. v. Sinclair & Grant: Possession of a Firearm (cocked and loaded Webley revolver) with Intent to Endanger Life & Possession of a Firearm with Intent to Commit an Indictable Offence.
R. v. Wille, Central Criminal Court: Attempted murder, by suffocation.

As a Led Junior:
R. v. Liddard, Central Criminal Court:  Manslaughter
The skipper of a Thames pleasure boat died of a heart attack after being assaulted by the defendant. The issues involved self-defence and causation (as the deceased had ischemic heart disease).
R. v. Mitchell & Mah-Wing: Attempted Murder, Firearms, Class A Drugs
Attempted murder by shooting of an unarmed uniformed police officer in pursuit of drugs dealer. Convictions upheld by the Court of Appeal: [2010] EWCA Crim 783.
R. v. Beg & Others: Class A Drugs, Firearms, Money Laundering
A covert investigation by SCD Central Task Force resulted in the arrests of seven defendants over time and the seizure of substantial amounts of Class A drugs, firearms and cash.
R. v. Cameron: Fraud
James Cameron is the former British Consul to Bucharest, Romania who had a corrupt relationship with a Moldovan travel agency, resulting in hundreds of bogus applications for visas for the UK being granted. As part of his defence he relied upon being a whistle-blower and the consequent political implications for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and government ministers.
R. v. Nelson: Firearms
After an investigation by the SCD Projects Team, Gary Nelson (subsequently convicted of murdering PC Patrick Dunne in Clapham in 1993) was found with a hit man’s kit, including loaded Browning pistol with laser sight and silencers.
R. v. Dica, reported at [2004] 2 Cr. App. R. 28
: Section 20 GBH – Reckless transmission of HIV
Landmark case involving HIV-positive defendant recklessly infecting women with the virus. R. v. Clarence overruled. Sally was instructed throughout this case, from first instance (three trials), at appeal (twice) and to respond (ultimately successfully) to the Appellant’s application for leave to appeal to the House of Lords.
R. v. Dervish & White, reported at [2002] 2 Cr. App. R. 6
: Class A Drugs Conspiracy
Undercover police operation. Convictions upheld by Court of Appeal.

R. v. Johnson & Others, Central Criminal Court: Class A Drugs Conspiracies
13-handed drugs conspiracies case investigated covertly by the SCD Projects Team and involving the multi-kilo importation, supply and distribution of cocaine in the UK. “Supergrass” evidence given by high-ranking Colombian drug dealer, after extensive debriefing by police officers. First Junior Counsel for the Crown.
R. v. Town & Others: Class A Drugs Conspiracy

Conspiracy to supply 77 kilos of cocaine imported from Spain in a highly sophisticated concealed compartment within an articulated lorry driven by a Spanish national. The three defendants were arrested as a result of a surveillance operation conducted by the SCD Projects Team.
R. v. Berrick & Others: Armed Robbery
A Flying Squad case involving an armed robbery of a supermarket by four youths in possession of firearms, during which one of the defendants was shot in the arm (not fatally) by an armed police officer. There was IPCC involvement and Sally drafted the CPS/IPCC protocol regarding disclosure (incorporating the Police Reform Act provisions).
R. v. Navickas, Central Criminal Court: Murder

R. v. Christodoulides: Conspiracies to Defraud the Home Secretary and to Facilitate Illegal Entry into UK and Perverting the Course of Justice
A large-scale visa fraud by the defendant (a solicitor) involving the British Embassy in Bucharest, which was initially investigated internally by the FCO and subsequently by SCD6 police officers. The defendant lost a two-week abuse argument (the argument being that the government “turned a blind eye”) and then pleaded guilty. Confiscation proceedings involved, inter alia, extra-jurisdictional assets. Connected to R. v. Cameron (see above).
R. v. A-S: Section 18/Rape/False Imprisonment/GBH/ABH
Defenestration case involving the son of a high-ranking Saudi Arabian soldier who allegedly threw his young pregnant wife out of a second storey window onto the bank of the Thames, having on previous occasions raped and beaten her and kept her prisoner in their flat.
R. v. Emmett, Central Criminal Court: Conspiracies to Defraud the Home Secretary and to Facilitate Illegal Entry into UK
The first successful prosecution of a serving immigration officer who had unlawfully stamped passports with indefinite leave to remain stamps. A confiscation order in excess of £1m (which included hidden assets) was made. 
R. v. Bentley, Bentley & Knowles, Woolwich Crown Court and Central Criminal Court: Armed Robbery Conspiracies
Multiple armed robberies of banks and post offices with sawn-off shotguns, investigated by officers from the Flying Squad.
R. v. Collins & Others (3 months)  : Large-scale Class A & B drugs conspiracies investigated covertly by the National Crime Squad.
R. v. H & Others (5 months)  : Mortgage Fraud