Member of Chambers Profile

James Dawes

Year of Call: 1993



James has been a member of chambers for 19 years and practises in all areas of criminal law with a particular interest in allegations of organized crime and complicated fraudulent enterprises. James has a mathematical mind and as befits a Physics graduate he retains an interest in recent scientific advances.

James is a Grade 4 prosecutor for the CPS, he is on the CPS Sexual Offences panel, the CPS Fraud panel, the CPS Serious Crime Group Advocacy panel and the CPS Proceeds of Crime panel all at Grade 4.

James has been appointed to the Attorney General’s B list of approved prosecutors for HM’s Revenue and Customs.

James practises in regulatory law having advised defendants on criminal prosecution matters under the Companies Act 2006, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Veterinary Medicines Regulations and Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations.


In 2015, James has already prosecuted 3 handed firearms case, 2 historic rape allegations and is expecting to prosecute as a leading junior a 12 handed cocaine conspiracy, a computer “phishing” fraud, a commercial loan fraud on Barclays bank and instructed alone prosecuting a cocaine conspiracy and a bank account divert fraud. In 2016, James is expecting to prosecute a 7 handed “boiler room” fraud.

In 2014, James prosecuted as leading junior a 3 month long commercial loan allegation of fraud committed against Barclays Bank, a 6 handed firearms offence, a number of historic rape allegations, a 9 handed cocaine conspiracy as a leading junior, a 3 handed cocaine conspiracy, a 5 handed kidnapping and blackmail case. James appeared for the prosecution in the Court of Appeal on an appeal relating to the Supreme Court Ruling in R v Waya concerning the applicability of the Waya principles in a back-to-back mortgage fraud committed by the seller of the first property.

In 2013, James has completed the prosecution of a 6 handed trial involving the laundering of money stolen from a Jewish refugee who came to the UK from Germany shortly before the outbreak of World War Two. He is currently instructed in the prosecution of 6 persons accused of multiple commercial property frauds on Barclays Bank, not due to be tried until 2014. James is instructed in the prosecution of historic rape allegations, gun crime and causing death by dangerous driving.

In 2012, James prosecuted a $27 million boiler room fraud in respect of shares and carbon credits as a led junior with over 300 victims, a fraud relating to performance bonds (a type of insurance for substantial commercial contracts) and 8 handed fraud on the Olympic development agency as a leading junior. In addition he prosecuted a series of complicated rape allegations.

In 2011, James completed the prosecution of the 19 defendants accused of accused of large scale residential mortgage fraud as a led junior. He led a prosecution of a 9 handed bank fraud, he prosecuted 3 kidnapping trials as leading counsel or as counsel instructed alone and 2 rape trials.

In 2010, James completed a lengthy fraud trial (6 weeks) involving allegations of large scale theft from Barclays bank as leading junior instructed by the Fraud Prosecution Service. He was instructed in the prosecution of the 19 defendants accused of mortgage fraud in addition to other allegations of fraud instructed as a leading junior.

In 2009, James completed lengthy trials as a leading junior for the prosecution in allegations of kidnapping and false imprisonment (10 weeks), conspiracy to defraud UK banks (10 weeks) and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. In other work he prosecuted allegations of rape and offences relating to the possession and use of firearms.

In 2008, James completed trials as a leading junior for the prosecution in allegations of conspiracy to defraud, perverting the course of justice, multi-kilo drug distribution and possessing firearms with intent to endanger life.

In 2007, James completed trials in allegations of murder, multi-kilo drug distribution and a cold case rape. In the last case the victim of the rape had died 6 years before the trial.

In 2006, James was instructed as a leading junior in three cases (prosecuting an attempted murder, and a conspiracy to supply cocaine and opium; and defending an allegation of fraud on Lloyds Bank) and as prosecution junior in three further cases (importation of 217kg of ecstasy, rape and murder).