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Direct Access

You can now come directly to a specialist criminal barrister for advice or representation in court, in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

This means you can instruct a specialist experienced advocate who will have oversight over every aspect of your case and will be a single point of contact throughout.

There are further details on our dedicated Public Access website http://www.pacb.co.uk

What is a Public Access barrister?

Public or Direct Access barristers can perform the same services as any other barrister such as providing specialist legal advice and representation. However, they can also perform almost all of the functions previously provided by a solicitor, such as drafting legal documents and writing letters.

What legal services can a Public Access barrister offer?

Legal advice;

Representation before any court;

Drafting of legal documents and letters;

Second opinions where solicitors have already been instructed;

Negotiations with other parties in the case.

If you do need a solicitor, we can recommend a suitable one to you with the specialist knowledge that you require.

What are the benefits of Public Access?

You only need pay for one legal representative rather than two;

Barristers are specialist advocates, so have the unique training and day-to-day experience required to represent you in court;

Barristers are self-employed with fewer overheads. This means that they are generally better value-for-money, and can offer significant savings as compared to the traditional instruction of a solicitor and barrister;

Although Public Access is not eligible for legal aid, it can actually work out considerably cheaper than the legal aid contributions often required on a monthly basis;

You will have the peace of mind of being able to deal from day one with the barrister who will advise you and represent you in court.

You will be given a choice of barristers with a range of specialisms and range of experience.

You will be given a fixed fee rate in advance. Unlike many solicitors, our barristers do not tend to operate on costly hourly rates.

What areas of law are suitable for Public Access work?

Our barristers specialise in the following areas:

Criminal Law, including traffic and motoring offences;

Criminal Appeals to the Magistrates Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal;

Licensing Law, including applications and reviews and appeals;

Regulatory Law;

Courts’ Martial;

Prison Law.

Who can I choose?

The Public Access barristers at Atkinson Bevan Chambers are:

Gillian Etherton QC

Nicholas Atkinson QC

Mark Gadsden

Nicholas Bleaney

Toby Fitzgerald

Nick Alexander

Timothy Hunter

Christopher Stimpson

James Brown

Subhankar Banerjee

Tom Nicholson

Sally Mertens

Sam Brown

Edward Franklin

Rupert Kent

Leo Seelig

Jenny Burgess

Voratida Sangchant

Frederick Hookway

Dominic Hockley

Emilie Morrison